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If you are a water girl like I am then you are probably curious if you have to take off your jewelry before jumping into the ocean before sunset. Well this was why I had wanted to create wearable everyday jewelry so you wouldn't have to think about those things silly questions and just have fun! Thinking only takes away the spontaneity of it all, right? But still the question is lingering and you want to know Should you or should't you take it off? Also what is YOUR jewelry made of and what is the difference between sterling and argentium?

Well here is a list of the different metals out there and what I use to design each piece. So you know, most of our jewelry is water proof but sometimes it makes more sense to take it off any way and put it someplace safe before you make a splash into the pool. I am confident that after reading below you can make that executive decision for yourself. 

- SOLID GOLD - YESSS you have solid gold! Solid gold will never wear off and its low reactivity means it will not change colors on you. You can wear it in the water or not but either way make sure you don't lose it! Example: My Mom used to go scuba diving in all of her gold and diamond necklaces. Why? Because she didn't like to take them off. Ever. Well one day one of the clasps broke and she lost it at sea. Funny though, another diver found it while diving from another boat and my Dad let them keep it. Finders Keepers I guess? Mom was pissed and made him buy her a bigger albeit more expensive piece. True Story. So keep it safe unless you don't mind losing it. 

- STERLING SILVER - .925 silver and .075 base metals are the US standard for sterling silver.  Silver is great but you have to be careful with it. Sometimes it's easy to clean and sometimes it is a pain in the butt.  Some say not to go swimming in sterling but I have been wearing the same toe ring for the last 3 years and it only turns when I'm swimming here in the Florida Keys Bay. Weird. Not in the ocean but the Bay. I don't really even want to think why that happens, honestly. But if it changes colors on you, don't worry It won't permanently damage your silver. You might have to clean it with a baking soda and vinegar concoction. Sorta fun though with all those bubbles. Wearing your sterling daily can actually keep it cleaner since the natural oils from your skin help to minimize tarnish.  Avoid getting products on your silver like perfume, sunscreen, hairspray.  

- ARGENTIUM STERLING SILVER - This is the silver I love using on most of my designs. It's .925 sterling, but higher quality. The .075 contains Germanium, which prevents tarnish and is harder version of fine silver.  This silver is less reactant and will be less likely to tarnish in water.  Either way, try not to spray things on it or spend too long in the pool. Again I say this but I have spent long summer days in the pool and it still looks great to me. 

- 14K GOLD FILLED - Most of my designs are made with recycled 14k Gold filled  wire, chain and sheet. Gold filled contains a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a base metal core.  Gold Filled cannot be cast into shapes. This is why you don't see gold filled jewelry in department stores or mall chains. It cannot be poured into a mold in some far off factory and then plated with gold, it has to be hand made.  So yes it is hand made here in my studio. 

Also, Gold Filled cannot wear off like gold plate, but you do have to treat it with care and clean it from time to time, specifically the chains.  You never have to take off your rings or bracelets with heavier chains, but the delicate gold filled chains have a much thinner layer of gold on them and thus can be more prone to react to different elements.

- GOLD PLATE / SILVER PLATE - There are several types of plating, but overall plated jewelry means that there is a microscopic layer of gold or silver plated on top of base metal.  Sometimes you will see gold plated silver, because silver holds the plate a bit longer.  Whatever kind of gold plating you chose to buy, know that it  WILL WEAR OFF with time and wear. You can have it re-plated or do it yourself but sometimes its just not worth it. Do not swim in it or shower in it. Don't work out or go fishing in it.  When you wear plated jewelry its more of a fun every once in a while statement piece. It's what I call the don't wear me too often FUN jewelry. Basically jewelry for a fun occasional but not every day wear and tear.  

- BRASS - Call me crazy but I do love brass. It's going to do all kinds of weird things when you expose it to water but the good thing is you can clean it!  The great thing about brass is it has the look of 14K gold but the price point is a lot cheaper. I do make a lot of products with a brass option in case you didn't want to splurge on the 14k Gold filed or Sterling Silver. I actually love brass and copper. Two of my favorite wires to work with especially when practicing a new design. Saves me money if I screw it up or if I am not crazy about the final design I am not kicking myself for wasting the the money on solid gold or silver.