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Michaelynn Vandiver is a native Texan based out of her newly acquired B&B in Dominical, Costa Rica. Aside for being a self taught silversmith, Michaelynn is also an accomplished and certified professional photographer.

Michaelynn was born into a family of artists on her maternal side. She was self taught in camera and film with her own in house darkroom at the age of 12. She then went to further her studies of art history and photography in Austin, Texas.  Michaelynn also attended the Art Institute of Houston and finished with a degree in fine art photography with the hopes of traveling and becoming a nature photographer around the world. After being told that as a woman she could never be a National Geographic Photographer as she had always dreamt to be, she then shifted gears entirely and became a fixture and photographer of the Austin & Houston music scene. She then naturally progressed and moved her sites to Los Angeles to work in the music business-photographing many musicians and celebrities of the 90’s and early 2000’s. She also worked in the entertainment field at Fox Television. She photographed behind the scenes, stills & brand work for popular tv shows and movies. After leaving LA and the music business behind, Michaelynn then shifted gears again and spent some time living in England and Ireland where she worked independently capturing the history and the stories of the areas she traveled. 

 Michaelynn then settled in the Florida Keys for the last 15 years where she opened a thriving wedding and lifestyle photography studio. After Hurricane Irma hit the islands in 2017 and the entire island chain was shut down, she decided to learn a new medium all together. She has always been interested in metalsmithing, so she signed up online with the London Jewellry School and her love of her silversmithing and jewelry making began. 

In early 2021, Michaelynn and her family moved to Costa Rica. She now has come full circle in her photography business as she is now able to fulfill her long time dream of photographing the animals and nature of Costa Rica. Michaelynn is hoping to publish some of her works in the near future. She recently opened an art gallery with other local artists in the next town over in Uvita, Costa Rica where she sells her jewelry and photography. If you are in the area or would like more information about Galeria 1084, click here. 

As a self proclaimed student of life, she feels that her art, however it manifests itself is her way of sharing the stories that she has experienced in her life and through her travels. Each piece is unique and tells its own story. Her art evokes a time and a place where she has been or hopes to be and it brings her great joy to share this with others. 

Check out her photography here at Costa Vida Photography. 
Philosophy: To create something modern, feminine and functional. To design a piece that will withstand everyday use and will remain beautiful and timeless for many years to come. 

All of her designs are completely hand crafted from start to finish using recycled fine and sterling silver, 14k Gold filled, Solid Gold, Gold Vermeil and Semi Precious Gemstones. All with recycled materials when available. 

Michaelynn currently resides and runs a B&B at Pacific Edge Eco Lodge with her husband, daughter Kaiya, her dogs Otis, Ozzie, her cats Stevie, Grey, Fluffy & Tigey. Also the Monkeys, Toucans, Scarlet Macaws and any other cute critters residing in her jungle backyard.