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Welcome to Costa Vida Design!

Thank you for visiting my page. However you found me, I am glad that you did. 

Costa Vida Design was created in 2018 after a lifetime love of wanting to learn how to create my own jewelry. This is something that I have always been drawn to but thought it would be too difficult and possibly too expensive to pursue. The latter is true no doubt but I absolutely enjoy it. 

After Hurricane Irma and losing a good chunk of my photography business because of the closure of the island, I decided to do some research on silversmithing and jewelry design. I found some wonderful resources and a jewelry design school that fit my needs and schedule. I literally started this endeavor only a few short months ago but I realized there was actually something else, besides photography, that I was really good at and who would have thought, right? I didn't but honestly its been a really extraordinary learning experience and I am incredibly happy where this new journey is leading me. 

Soooooo.... after being told my family and friends to start sharing these "gifts" I decided to build a website and see where it goes from here. 

So here I am sharing with you all what I have been working on all summer. Each piece is hand designed myself using only quality and ecologically sourced metals and products. All of my designs are created using sterling silver, fine silver, vermeil, 14K gold filled and 18K solid gold wire and sheet metal. I am also using raw and semi precious stones when the design calls for them. 

My designs are hand forged myself and by creating my own molds and my own castings from fine silver or sterling. Some of them I turn into Vermeil and I will explain that process in a blog post soon. 

I started this journey with the idea of creating jewelry that is feminine and functional, able to withstand everyday use, classic and timeless pieces that will last for many years to come. I didn't want something that was going to fall apart after a few times especially for those of us living in a tropical environment or living active lifestyles. Each unique piece has been created with its own story that will continue with you or that of someone you love. 

Although I am still learning and exploring different ways to accomplish new and more complex designs I have already started a few customs orders. So please make sure to subscribe to this page or send me an email with your inquiry if you're interested in co designing with me on a special piece. Bring in your broken vintage jewelry, favorite shells, precious stones or sea glass and lets design something uniquely your own.  

So that is it for now and again, welcome to my page. I hope that you find something that inspires you and something that you can't live without. Or if not something for you personally hopefully something for someone special in your life.  

Thank you so much for supporting me! I look forward to sharing this new passion with you. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, feedback or advice to share. 

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