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BLoved Bahamas - Giving Back After the Hurricane

BLoved Jewelry - The Jewelry That Gives Back

BLoved Bahamas - All Profits Currently to Benefit the Bahamas Rescue Relief September 3, 2019

The BLoved Idea:

As I am sure most of you are aware of the devastating impact that Hurricane Dorian has had currently on the islands of the Upper Bahamas. I have been following this partly because we were in the cone of the Hurricane here in the Keys but also watching and worried about everyone else that was in Dorian's path. I don't think ANY of us realized the strength that this hurricane possessed and I honestly had no idea that it was going to cause this much devastation. It has  been mind blowing to me, honestly, even though I personally witnessed and felt the aftermath of Irma and Harvey as well as Katrina with my family and friends.

Living a coastal life we are always aware that it could happen but never did I believe it would be of this magnitude. To know that part of the Bahamas have been basically wiped away after Dorian sat on top of the islands for two whole days, its been utterly heartbreaking. Even some areas are still completely covered in water and other areas completely washed away as if nothing ever existed before the storm.  

While I was born a coastal girl and I am well aware of what Cat 5 Hurricanes are capable of I don't remember ever seeing a Hurricane as stubborn, as great or as destructive as this. For the people its going to take YEARS to rebuild and to restore the beauty and magic of their islands and homes. Being a destination island is even more important for their livelihood to rebuild and rebuild fast as we did here in the Keys. This is why I feel its so important to be a good neighbor and help where we can as so many others did for us. If anything I learned the last two years after Irma was that community is everything. Being there for your neighbor is a given. No questions asked. I do know that the Bahamian people have a very deep and strong faith and They WILL come back strong. I do know this in my heart to be true.

So as I have been at home sitting here heartbroken, hopeless and waiting for the storm to pass, I decided to create a few designs to sell and simply donate the profits back to those in need. So the BLoved Bahamas idea was created.

I know I am only one person but I am HOPING to somehow make a small dent in helping where I can and possibly make a difference in someones life.

So all the profits for every necklace or any piece of jewelry that I sell that reads  "BLoved Bahamas" will go directly to the Bahamas Rescue Relief. I am also working on an external link to share of legitimate places that I know the people will benefit directly and not to go into the wrong pockets of greed. 

Overheard today on the news - "We are Bahamians We Won't Stop" 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at If you have any ideas, thoughts or other contribution ideas please send me a message. 

Thank you in advance for your love and support! 

Costa Vida Design and B Loved Jewelry 

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